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  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Work In The Light Services 

​     You know we do shower door sales and installations, but we also offer many other services.  Take a look at the non-exhaustive list below.

Outdoor Work

- power washing, gutter cleaning and repair, leaf removal, smaller roof repairs and 

  tree cutting/trimming, brush removal, fence repair, window and door painting,  

  and snow removal. 


- new tile floors, toilets, sinks, faucets, bath accessories, grab bars, lights, outlets,

  shower doors, exhaust fans, and we can patch and paint.


- fix doors that stick, loose closet shelving and doors, curtain rods,

  doors, furniture, and re-caulk old shower doors etc.


- torn window screens, broken windows, sump pumps, old blinds, door handles,   curtain rods, outlets, and hard to reach light bulbs.

Clean Out And Up

-clean out gutters, dryer vent pipes, clogged faucets, and we can haul away 

  trash for larger clean-up jobs.


-replace old sinks, faucets, food disposal units, drawer and door handles,

  flooring (with tile), and we can patch,paint,and so much more.

     Call and ask to speak with Wayne Porter, the owner and steward of Work In The Light today 574-292-0840or send an

e-mail with your request to wporter@workinthelightllc.com

   A  Cost-saving Method Of Quoting Shower Doors

   We do in-home quotes, but most shower doors can be quoted with information that we can obtain from you over the phone, which helps us keep our costs down, so we can pass the savings on to you.  We will give you an installed price for your shower door, and in most cases our quote will not be affected by a slight mis-measurement,

walls that are out of plumb, or bases off level.  We will have the glass cut out of square to fix these kinds of problems at no extra cost to you.   

     If you hire us to do your shower door, we will meet with you in your home to double check all measurements and other information.  Once this is done, we will need to collect half of the total cost of the job to order your door.

     After your door is ordered, we will then contact you about two weeks later to set up an installation date.

   What You Can Do Before Calling For A Quote

     Before you call us for a quote, take a minute (literally) to draw a quick diagram of your shower stall, then with tape measure and pencil in hand, take just a couple of more minutes to answer the questions below and write your answers on that same piece of paper.  


  For fiberglass stalls, we will need the following information:

-width of opening (do a high and low measurement)

-height of stall (from top of step over to top of stall on both sides)

-type of door, i.e. bypass (slider), single hinge door, or door and panel unit

-finish choice (chrome, brush nickel, oil rub bronze, or other)

-glass choice (clear, obscure, rain glass, or other)

-glass thickness (either 3/16" or 1/4")

-do you want an added glass treatment product to protect your investment?

Note:There is a price difference with some finishes and glasses.  Chrome is the least expensive finish, while brush nickel and oil rub bronze cost more. The three glass choices mentioned (clear, obscure, and rain) are the most popular, least expensive, 

and cost the same, while the other types of glass have a higher price range.   

Also:  We can go above the height of fiberglass stalls but will need an additional

measurement of the width from wall to wall above the stall, and you will want to consider how high above the stall you want to go.  We have several stock heights available but can also do custom height units. 

                     Tiled Shower Quoting

     For 90 degree tiled showers (straight across) we will need to know the same information as for the fiberglass stall, but you have two added glass thicknesses of 3/8", and 1/2" to choose from (for tiled showers only).  This enables you to go higher

(even up to the ceiling) for a steam shower.  

Note: There are more finish and glass choices available for heavy glass 

units, but the most popular finishes are chrome, brush nickel, and oil rub bronze, with the most popular glass being clear, as it will best show a nicely tiled shower. 

Quoting Custom Shower Units

​     Custom shower units that have recess and notched panels, etc. will usually require an in-home appointment.  This is also true if you want to see more glass choices and finishes than the three most popular mentioned.  We will be happy to meet with you and do an in-home consultation to show you more options.  Just call


​                            Pro-rated Billing Explained 

     We use the pro-rated billing system below for single day, to-do-list kinds of jobs, 

which are harder to quote and often evolve into more work while we are in the customers home.  The rate for any additional days to finish work started will be $35.00 per hour.

      To get the most for your money, we encourage you to have your to-do-list carefully planned out and all materials/items purchased (if possible) prior to our arrival.  This will save time and money, and who doesn't like that?

From arrival to first hour   $65.00

Second hour                        $55.00              

All additional hours             $45.00

​Note:  For each helper needed to complete certain jobs, there is an additional $25.00 per hour charge.

​  Odd Hour/Emergency Rates

​      For work required between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., the hourly rates are $70.00 per hour for the lead person, and $50.00 per hour for each helper needed.  

                          Payment Options

​$Cash or

$Check, made out to Work In The Light LLC